Epic server maintenance

Our new servers arrived at last, but there was a problem: they didn’t fit the rack …

Alex using an angle grinder to file a server rack

We have been waiting to upgrade our servers for some time and finally had a window of time between deployments when we could carry out the work. When the kit arrived we were disappointed to realise that they didn’t fit our existing rack: they were a few millimeters too big. We had the choice of returning them, buying new rails to go in the rack, buying a new rack altogether or modifying our existing one.

Alex was keen to try the latter, and so armed with an angle grinder he set about fixing the situation. We photographed the event for posterity: it’s not everyday you get to see power tools in action at a software development environment!

Small company perks

One of the benefits of being part of a small company is the different tasks you need to adapt to do. Being a developer in a small team means you have to be adaptable: taking on a SysAdmin role one day, an engineer the next, and a C# developer the next.

We are glad to report that Alex’s skills with an angle grinder did the job, and we now have a custom rack for our servers that works perfectly.