“We create innovative healthcare software.”

We aim to be special

Our founder, Adam Towler, was working as a dermatologist in the NHS when he became frustrated with the way patient records were handled within hospital trusts. The systems did not support his work, and were not really fit for purpose. This problem sparked the initial idea for Epro.

We’re not just another software development company. We aim to produce the very best software for hospital trusts, to make a real difference to staff and ultimately patient experiences. This is no small task: our long-term goal is for clinical staff to see Epro as being one of the reasons they choose to work at a trust.

Our strategy

Epro’s success is down to our belief that medical software needs to be world class: designed to meet user needs and simplify administration work within hospitals. We believe that by designing the best systems for staff we can make a significant difference to the general experience people have when they use a hospital trust.

This means our software has to be built to the best standards. We have a lot of pride in the quality of our code, and the skills our team has.

Meet the Bluewire team

Dr. Adam Towler – Founder & Director

Adam Towler

Adam formed Bluewire Technologies after experiencing first hand, the severe lack of flexible, intuitive, clinical software for managing patients and medicine and recording information during their stay in hospital. He provides Bluewire with a unique understanding of clinician audiences and technical limitations.

Stuart Chivers – Professional Services Manager

Stuart Chivers

Stuart spent many years in the Third Sector, managing training, projects and ultimately accounts; working with small charities, Oxbridge colleges and NHS trusts. He is passionate about customer care, committed to relationship building and brings a broad commercial awareness to Bluewire.

Alex Davidson – Developer

Alex Davidson

Alex has an expansive knowledge of all things related to development and technology. He manages our servers and virtualization with a keen eye for detail and an occasionally violent passion for doing things in the best possible way. Alex has been with Bluewire for over five years, and is expert across the DotNet web development stack including  the use of ORMs and data modelling.

Douglas Livingstone – Developer

Douglas Livingstone

Douglas studied physics at the University of Bath, but found development was much more interesting. He originally joined us as a summer intern and has been working with us ever since. Douglas works on all our front end development projects, as well as in web technologies. He brings a unique and contrasting perspective to Adam’s, in user interface design, helping to ensure clinicians get the best user experience from Epro.

Kit Barnes – Developer

Kit Barnes

Kit studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bristol and graduated in 2010 with an MSci. He has been largely responsible for developing the automation around our build / deployment process and integrating that with the customer portal.  He loves travelling and recently returned from a gap year traveling around the far east.


We are passionate about building the best software we can. We have high expectations of our team members, and they in turn have high standards. We are dedicated to improving our working environment and culture, and are always looking for new things to try that will interest our team.

It’s not all about work though, we all get on really well so we often go to the pub after work or out for a meal together. We also try to schedule things to do outside of work, like paintball and bowling.




Winscribe are one of the UK’s leading providers of digital dictation services. They are specialists in the healthcare sector and work with over 40 hospital trusts. We partner with Winscribe to offer a combined product that offers hospital trusts the opportunity to manage both their digital dictation needs using their leading software, with patient records through Epro.

XML Solutions

XML Solutions

XML Solutions provide enterprise and solution architecture for clients in the healthcare industry. They offer training, assessments, resourcing and product selection support.



Health Level 7 is the global authority on healthcare information technology standards. We use HL7 to communicate information between different parts of our software and our client’s data.