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Redux Actions for TypeScript

Last time we saw how React views are functions which take the current application state, and return a representation of the HTML. But how best to store the state? Redux is a library and set of design contracts which together … Continued

The Case for React

At Bluewire we have been adopting an exciting new library from Facebook called React, which offers a new perspective on how to write large modern web applications like Epro. JavaScript started as a “progressive enhancement” over static HTML, allowing a … Continued

Communication skills, people, machines and emotion

About two years ago, as part of my CPD activities, I attended a course titled ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ which I’d seen advertised in an in-flight magazine of all places.  The course leads to a qualification as a ‘mediator.’  Mediators are professionals … Continued

Bluewire on FHIR

We recently hosted the second HL7 UK FHIR Hack Day and two of our Epro developers took part in it. It seemed like everyone learned a lot about FHIR and Bluewire made good progress towards implementing a FHIR interface for … Continued

The Importance of Team Familiarity

Bluewire are delighted to welcome two new faces to the development team. While we’re still currently getting to know them, they already know each other. Oliver Armfelt – From cooking to coding After a degree in Psychology and Philosophy at … Continued

DevOps – What’s it all about then?

Usage of Epro has been growing recently, and we have now acquired our fifteenth trust wide installation. This has fuelled some internal expansion, both in numbers and scope / specialisation. New Epro team member We are delighted to welcome Bilal … Continued

How Agile should we be?

I started out writing a post how we ended up with a fortnightly releases but I think that is less interesting than why we’re pursuing Agile development at all! I don’t really want to write too much about the differences … Continued

The ‘little rewrite’

‘Big rewrites’ in software have red flags all over them for most people who manage software beyond the driving enthusiasm typical of one’s first creations. One famous example being the Mozilla story of an attempted rewrite at the end of the … Continued