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Epro awarded ITK Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that our flagship product, Epro, has been awarded an ITK 2 accreditation certificate. Epro is an ITK client application and we send discharge summaries and letters out to other clinical systems using ITK. You can … Continued

A Developer Wearing an Exhibitor’s Hat

My role as developer with Bluewire is primarily focused on implementation and deployment with the intention to become increasingly client focused as I gain more experience with our product – Epro. This vision is largely derived from my experience as … Continued

Should our Salami Slices be thick or thin?

Yesterday the commons health select committee reported that UK NHS trusts may be resorting to traditional ‘salami slicing’ to deliver the much talked about health service cuts. It set me thinking whether ‘salami slicing’ applies to Epro and if it … Continued

Troubleshooting SSH Agent Forwarding

Tools: ssh-add -l Verify your current identity ssh-add Load keys from ~/.ssh into the authentication agent The GitHub set up guide has a good introduction to ssh keys, if all goes well it looks like this: doug@local:~$ ssh -T … Continued

Open source in the NHS

There has been a lot of talk recently about the role of open source software (OSS) in the NHS and the govenment has recently published a procurement toolkit which aims to push the public sector towards procuring open source solution … Continued