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Troubleshooting SSH Agent Forwarding

Tools: ssh-add -l Verify your current identity ssh-add Load keys from ~/.ssh into the authentication agent The GitHub set up guide has a good introduction to ssh keys, if all goes well it looks like this: doug@local:~$ ssh -T … Continued

Open source in the NHS

There has been a lot of talk recently about the role of open source software (OSS) in the NHS and the govenment has recently published a procurement toolkit which aims to push the public sector towards procuring open source solution … Continued

SQL Bits 9

SQL Bits 9 took place in Liverpool between the 29th September to the 1st October. Matthew went along and has shared his experience of the conference here.

Thoughts on SNOMED CT – a supplier’s perspective

The Information Standards Board have recently¬†approved SNOMED CT (SCT) as a “fundemantal standard”, almost 10 years since its inception. At Bluewire, we would consider ourselves early adopters of the terminology – both Adam and I went on training courses back … Continued